Buy a Book

You can buy a book to add to our collection in honor or memory of a friend, loved one, or organization. The book we purchase with your donation will be plated in honor of the person or organization you name.

Amazon Wish List

A convenient way to buy a book, video or CD for the library is to buy from our Wish List, and have the item shipped directly to the library. It’s like a gift registry for the library. At your request we will acknowledge your donation with a plate.

Monetary Donations

Donations of money are always appreciated. Checks made out to Phillipsburg Free Public Library can be mailed to the attention of the Library Director or dropped off at the front desk. If you would like to target your donation to a specific purpose, make an appointment with the Library Director to discuss available options.


The Library can be added as a beneficiary to your will or living trust. You may want to consider a specific bequest, a residuary bequest, or a contingent bequest. As with any legal matter, you should consult with your attorney or financial advisor to choose the bequest that works for you.