Phillipsburg Tax Referendum Information

  • Historically the library has always been funded at a more than the minimum 1/3 of a mil.
  • The past two years the library budget has been set at $686,180.
  • In 1985 the library had a budget of $350,000 which when adjusted for inflation is $1,018,569.67
  • Before budget cuts happened in 2020, the library was funded at $745,000 in 2019, which adjusted for inflation is $908,714.60.
  • We provide an abundance of public computers, printing services, photocopying services, faxing services, wi-fi internet. Having internet access at the library is essential because roughly 20% of Phillipsburg residents do not have access to broadband internet. Residents need these services for applying for jobs, taking care of business, or for benefits from the State of New Jersey.
  • A larger budget would allow the library to invest more heavily into the library’s IT Infrastructure which has been neglected due to a lower budget.
  • More open hours, means more programming to be aimed at all ages of the community
  • A larger number of materials (books/eBooks/audiobooks/magazines) would be able to be purchased. The library is very limited in the amount of materials that can be purchased at this time.