2019 Children’s Summer Reading Program

Beginning Wednesday, June 26, kids from Pre-K to 5th Grade can sign up for our Summer Reading Program and earn free prizes for reading during summer break! Come to the library to sign up beginning June 20!

Alien Contest

Construct an alien lifeform from recyclable materials.

Entry due date: August 3

Voting Period: August 5—August 10

Kick-off Program

Science Tellers Presents
Aliens: Escape from Earth!

June 26 @ 10:00am

For all ages

During a midnight meteor shower, something mysterious falls from the sky toward Earth — but it’s not a shooting star. Two curious kids venture into the forest to investigate and find themselves mixed up with a family of visitors from another planet! Pursued by a crazy space scientist, they must risk everything to rescue the aliens and get them back to their spaceship — before it’s too late!

Don’t miss this action-packed and educational alien adventure using science experiments for special effects. It’s totally out of this world!

Eyes of the Wild Presents:

“Animals Are Out of This World!”

July 11 @ 10:00am
Grades PreK-5

All ages

Humans should celebrate the first man on the moon. That was a huge accomplishment! BUT… Did you know that a multitude of our animal friends had already made the trip to space long before we did? This program will feature three important scientific topics:

  1. how animals have been instrumental in our ability to understand space and its effects on living organisms,
  2. the importance of many species’ ability to adapt to new and potentially dangerous environments, and
  3. the idea that while we continue to search the universe for new habitats and life forms we should continue to conserve the uniquely precious resources we have here at home.

Come meet the animals in this traveling zoo show!

Movie: Home

Wednesday, July 24 @ 10:00am

All ages

Programs for Grades 1-5

Wednesdays @ 10am

  • July 3 – Balloon Powered Rocket Experiment
  • July 17 – Experiment
  • July 31 – Space Games

Programs for Grades PreK-K

Wednesdays @ 10am

  • July 3
  • July 17
  • July 31