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The Rosie Project

by Graeme Simsion

Read-out-loud laughter begins by page two in Simsion’s debut novel about a 39-year-old genetics professor with Asperger’s—but utterly unaware of it—looking to solve his Wife Problem. Don Tillman cannot find love; episodes like the Apricot Ice Cream Disaster prevent so much as a second date with a woman. His devised solution is the Wife Project: dating only those who “match” his idiosyncratic standards as determined by an exacting questionnaire. His plans take a backseat when he meets Rosie, a bartender who wants him to help her determine her birth father’s identity.

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Discussion Questions

Do Don’s Asperger’s conditions help him or hinder him? Does Don’s having autism offer any advantages in his life?

Do you agree with Don’s assessment that “humans often fail to see what is close to them and obvious to others”? (p. 88)

What do you think of Gene and Claudia’s relationship? Can the concept of an open marriage work?

As Don’s affection for Rosie grows, he becomes aware of his instincts overriding reason. What is the role of instinct versus reason when it comes to choosing a life partner?

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